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1 Apr 2012 | 0 comments
Redesigned Website Launch

LC Galleries is proud to announce the launch a fresh look to our site. Thanks to the Linkcore Web Design team.


11 Apr 2012 | 5 comments
Giants Season Opener Promotions
Check out our half page ad in the SF Chronical for special Giants product pricing.


4 Jan 2015 | 0 comments
John Prince on ABC News
An up and coming artist John Prince gets some press. Click here to watch this video.

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An appraisal is a expert estimate of the value of something.

* An appraisal should not be considered proof of authenticity, a guaranteed offer to purchase, or a guarantee of selling price.

There are several significant factors that contribute to properly appraising the value of collectibles and memorabilia. Memorabilia values are highly dependent on the demand and the amount collectors are willing to pay. 

1) First consideration when pricing autographs is the subject or the athlete who signed the memorabilia. The more popular the subject is the more expensive his/her signature will be worth.

2) The type of collectible signed by the subject is a factor that influences the value of autographed memorabilia. 

3) Rare autographs are generally more precious and expensive than autographs that you could easily find or acquire

4) Age of the product matters. Vintage autographs are usually more expensive than autographs signed in the modern days. 

5) Circumstances such as bad publicity, death, or the condition or grade of the product can increase or decrease the value of autographs.

As a court appointed expert by the State of California Mr. Lipary is able to provide Individuals, The courts, Auction Houses, Charities, Insurance Companies,Corporations and many others Certified Appraisals of their collections and court testimony for Law Enforcement when needed.


Appraisals for Individuals & Businesses

One of the biggest problems that exist in today's society with regard to their memorabilia collections is the fact that many of these hard to replace items are not properly insured.

Whether it be theft, natural disasters, death or something as innocent as throwing a party where your one of a kind painting ends up with a tear in it. Don't get caught UN-prepared by not having your prized possessions properly insured. There is nothing worse than the feeling of helplessness when something you truly love is taken away from you.

As collectors we feel a sense of pride and joy in owning and sometimes sharing our treasures with friends and family. In some cases such as mine people have spent their many years collecting and have acquired a lifetime worth of priceless mementos.

Most, if not all, policies covered under renters or homeowners insurance do not provide you with “replacement” cost as many of us are led to believe. This is why it is so important to take out a separate insurance policy where if something were to happen to your collection you would be compensated. The cost of these policies where you receive the actual appraised value is minimal. For Example, a $50,000.00 insurance policy typical runs around $25.00 a month. This is not a lot of money when compared to the thought of losing something of sentimental value.

Protect your investment by having LC Galleries provide you with a Certified Written Appraisal where you will get a fair, accurate and honest evaluation!

Call ( 415) 312-1930 or e-mail us at to get started.


Appraisals for Insurance Companies

LC Galleries and its partners support the insurance industry's efforts to eliminate fraud. LC Galleries staff provides investigative, consulting, training and educational services to insurance companies in order to help them identify, combat, and reduce the amount of fraud, economic, and financial crime being committed against their businesses, products, and services.